First experience with an AR15

Since a child's opinion seems so highly thought of these days LOL I figured I would allow my child to give his, I've always taught my kids gun safety and awareness for their surroundings. They are prepared for if "$!<!"(JUST FOR FACEBOOK DONT LET THEM CATCH YOU CURSING LMFAO) goes south. A year ago, when my son turned 10 I put my AR15 in front of my son in pieces and I showed him how to put it back together.From there I asked him to take it back apart and put it back together. Below are his  words edited for spelling and punctuation, and a little grammar.

I'm Gabe and I am 11 years old. I'm going to tell you my story of taking apart an AR15 for the first time. My dad showed me to first remove the take down pins. 2nd I separated the upper and lower receiver. I took out the buffer and buffer spring. Then I pulled the charging handle I removed it and the bolt carrier group (BCG). Dad showed me how to lubricate the weapon (it smelt great). I put the weapon back together 1st I put the buffer and the buffer spring in the buffer tube.Then I put in the charging handle "in" and "up" because there is a little space. The bolt carrier group should be fully extended then you put it on the slot of the charging handle. You slide it in, until it clicks. Then you put the upper and lower receiver together. You push down the forward pin and the back pin. Next was to do a function check, by holding down the trigger pulling the charging handle 3 times. Dad then told me to follow him that he had a surprise for me. We went behind the house and I was able to put a shot through it for the first time. I liked it, it was exciting to shoot an AR15.

Thank you for reading,

the GRR

I hope you enjoy the read keep eyes out for more from time to time, and please remember to always have mussel awareness, and always treat the rifle as if it was loaded. Guns don't kill they are just tools.

Until next time,

the Danimal