HOW the DANIMAL came to be

I served the in U.S. Army with HSC 563rd ASB as a 63B wheeled mechanic from 2004 - 2011 same unit, same people, though some came and some left.

Deployed twice in those years, Fort Campbell has two aviation battalions so we where on a rotation that did not deploy as much as most. In '05, I deployed to Iraq I remember mortars, a lot of mortars, it was hot and there was not much to look at.

That deployment seemed to last forever, came home in '06 and I got to stay home (well, Ft. Campbell home, I am from Oregon) for just over 2 years before deploying to Afghanistan. By this time I had made family, these guy/gals where not friends or co-workers but they where not blood either; none the less they, to this day, are my family.

Well family that gave each other b.s. mostly in good fun, right? One evening after we got back to our shacks (9x9 rooms plywood rooms maybe a little smaller but we didn't need much and honestly it could have been way worse, but it was a shack and smelled like sweaty guys and plywood) I'd hear some commotion from outside the room, and at first I ignored and kept goin' on with what I was doing but then through the fan hole over my door (meant for a fan to blow air in, but nothing was there) came a cookie on a string... now, so you all know I love cookies I have a sweet tooth and yes I at one time let that get to me and I did not make military standards but I passed my pt and tape. ... now this cookies comes frying through my door and I hear my demented buddy hootin and hollerin about fishing for DANIMALs...I was already pissed off over something, who knows what, but i got up and grabbed that f*<<!^ cookie string and he starts yelling, "I got one, I got one!" and I ripped that string right out of his hands. I flew my door opened, then the boys went running, I flung that cookie on the string as hard as I could right back at them yelling and cursing up at storm as I went back into my room. Not long after that I hear something again, but I just ignored it and when to bed.

The next day on the wall outside my room said "dont feed the danimal" in RTV. I'm sure many of soldiers since have seen it and wondered wtf well there it is and that's how I became "the DANIMAL" everything else just kinda fell into place after that.

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